Hacking the Smart City via Open Data

smartcity hack.fw

Several events in support of the open data movement are being organized in the month of February. On February 21st an ‘International Open Data Hackathon’ with 100 events around the world will take place under the coordinating efforts of the Open Data Day collective. That same weekend the Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) is being scheduled. This event is officially sponsored by the Government of Canada and has over 100 teams in cities across the country registered to compete. The Data Fest group is also organizing a global hacking event focused on smart cities complete with its own hashtag: #smartcityhack. The lead organizer for the event Teresa Bouza has a solid team of graduate students from leading universities working on the project. The first #smartcityhack is scheduled for the same weekend as Open Data Day and CODE. The linking of the open data movement with smart cities could present an opportunity for civic groups to hold urban leaders accountable to frequently made claims of the democratic potential of e-governance.

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